Area: Easy to release

Example of Awesome: Releasing is simple, safe, painless & mostly automated.

Example of Crappy: Releasing is risky, painful, lots of manual work, and takes forever.

Area: Suitable process

Example of Awesome: Our way of working fits us perfectly.

Example of Crappy: Our way of working sucks.

Area: Tech quality (code base health)

Example of Awesome: We’re proud of the quality of our code! It is clean, easy to read, and has great test coverage.

Example of Crappy: Our code is a pile of dung, and technical debt is raging out of control.

Area: Value

Example of Awesome: We deliver great stuff! We’re proud of it and our stakeholders are really happy.

Example of Crappy: We deliver crap. We feel ashamed to deliver it. Our stakeholders hate us.

Area: Speed

Example of Awesome: We get stuff done really quickly. No waiting, no delays.

Example of Crappy: We never seem to get done with anything. We keep getting stuck or interrupted. Stories keep getting stuck on dependencies.

Area: Mission

Example of Awesome: We know exactly why we are here, and we are really excited about it.

Example of Crappy: We have no idea why we are here, there is no high-level picture or focus. Our so-called mission is completely unclear and uninspiring.

Area: Fun

Example of Awesome: We love going to work, and have great fun working together.

Example of Crappy: Boooooooring.

Area: Learning

Example of Awesome: We’re learning lots of interesting stuff all the time!

Example of Crappy: We never have time to learn anything.

Area: Support

Example of Awesome: We always get great support & help when we ask for it!

Example of Crappy: We keep getting stuck because we can’t get the support & help that we ask for.

Area: Pawns or players

Example of Awesome: We are in control of our destiny! We decide what to build and how to build it.

Example of Crappy: We are just pawns in a game of chess, with no influence over what we build or how we build it.